Emil Di Vago was born in the latter part of the twentieth century in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. His father, of Italian descent, originated from the West, probably Mayo. His mother was Daly from South Donegal. Although it has never been firmly established, it is quite possible that his father’s ancestor was a mariner or soldier serving in the Spanish fleet during the ill-fated Armada expedition, and that his ship foundered off the West Coast.

Set in the exotic surroundings of 1960’s Singapore, The Sultry Climate is the sensuous story of a brief but intense liaison between a naive Irish sailor, liberating his sexual repression, and a beautiful young oriental girl escaping her tortuous homelife.

It reveals each of their inner desires and attitudes as they overcome all inhibitions during a night of intimate self discovery and sexual enlightenment.

However, as usual, with pleasure comes pain…